About Us

Welcome to the website of the Heartland Association of Churches.  We are a group of like-minded churches with a long history of fellowship and cooperation.  We have recently linked ourselves together in this unique association apart from denominational encumbrances.  Our goal is to be a support and encouragement to each other while increasing our ministry effectiveness through joining resources and combining efforts.

The cultural environment of our day seems to portend increasing challenges for those in the evangelical Christian community.  Developing greater solidarity with one another seems a wise course of action in these tumultuous times as we seek to serve and advance God’s kingdom.  Our arms are open to churches that see the need for fellowship and cooperative mission to link with us without relinquishing their identity or chosen church polity.  We believe that together we can more effectively fulfill our all-important purpose of living out a “faith expressing itself in love.” (Galatians 5:6) Let us link hearts and hands that the Good News of Jesus might flow out of that unity to the world around us.